Sexual Health

Barebacking: Unprotected Anal Intercourse Between Men

July 29, 2018

Barebacking is the term used to describe gay men who have unprotected anal sex. It is a practice that is on the increase. There are dangers, especially if you become involved with casual sex with someone you don’t know.

HIV/AIDS has had a profound impact on attitudes and sexual behaviours within the homosexual community. Safe sex practices, especially within the gay community, were taken very seriously.

Condom sales increased, STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) diminished. People understood the seriousness of this message. So why are more homosexual men reversing the trend and taking the chance of having unprotected anal intercourse?

Why Risk It?

There are a range of reasons. Since the first days of HIV/AIDS, a new generation of gay men have grown up with a approval of the dangers of unprotected sex. The potency of the safe sex message has maybe diminished over time and this also was aided by improvements in AIDS remedies.

Another common issue is the condom. Condoms are usually seen by men as less satisfactory and less pleasurable. There is a perceived lack of spontaneity involved and it may be costly if you on a limited income.

There is, naturally, no risk involved with barebacking if both guys understand that they are not infected with HIV. It may provide an incentive to stay monogamous when you are both committed to the relationship.

If you bareback with somebody who’s infected with HIV, a few other STD, or hepatitis B and hepatitis C, then you are risking your wellbeing and ultimately your life. Remember, infected people may appear symptom-free so even if your sexual partner looks healthy and fit it may actually mean very little.

Many homosexual men involved in health-care believe that there are a growing number of gay’s who believe the remedies now available are so effective that HIV and AIDS no longer pose such a threat.

The belief that even if you get AIDS it won’t really be that much of a problem to live with is simply not true. It’s correct that therapies have improved a lot, but HIV maintains the lives of several homosexual men every year.

People infected with HIV and AIDS are living longer should they have the right medication and supportive treatments, but there’s still no treatment. HIV is not one disease. There are a range of different types, over 10 subtypes in actuality, which lead to countless breeds. If, for example, you grab a third or second breed, it causes what researchers are calling a”superinfection”. It dispels the myth that HIV-positive partners could have unsafe sex without re-infecting every other.

Is It Worth Taking a Chance With Barebacking?

When you are having fun, drinking or clubbing, the reality of AIDS and the safe sex messages may appear a very long way off. It is possible to continue to discount or dismiss information and live for today. Maybe you have not had the experience of losing someone near you, watching their distress or their departure from AIDS, a connected disorder or liver failure?

Unprotected sex is a kind of gaming more akin to Russian roulette. There is really no measure of probability you are able to apply.

You might get it away, but you might not and the price that you pay is a really large one.