Birth Control

Bedsider's Birth Control Reminder App

November 30, 2018

Okay, I admit that I am little obsessive when I come across new products that make contraception use even easier.   That means you can only imagine how thrilled I become when I stumble upon cool birth control apps or even when birth control makers find clever ways to bring consciousness to contraception–what I love to call”modern day birth control”

Why Contraception Reminders Are Significant

One of the chief reasons why contraception fails is because it’s not being used properly –this is particularly the case when it comes to hormonal birth control methods. Because the hormones (either estrogen and progestin or merely progestin) in these methods block you from ovulating, it is so important that you remember to take them on time. It breaks my heart once I hear stories of women who’ve chosen to be responsible by using birth control… only to end up getting pregnant because they forgot to take their contraception (or did not use it in the right time).

Using Bedsider Reminders

So, this is where programs (like one of my favorites) Bedsider Reminders, enter the picture. This app is designed to deliver you contraception reminders. Unlike a lot of birth control apps, these reminders are incredibly bright, enjoyable, and enjoyable. The messages are so cute and sassy that you will really anticipate to receiving them.

You also get to set the time that the contraception reminders include, and the app is really easy to use. But, I must admit, this is not even the best part! Many contraception reminder apps are made for you gals using the pill. Bedsider ALSO offers contraception reminders created to prompt you to switch your NuvaRing each month, change out your patch each week or even if it is time for your next Depo Provera injection (each 3 weeks ).

You can even schedule reminders for doctor’s appointments in addition to if it’s time to get your refills. Even more, Bedsider’s website can help you locate family planning clinics in your area as well as help you locate emergency contraception –just in case.

The Snooze Feature

And get this… there’s even a SNOOZE attribute! Who does not enjoy the snooze option every morning once the alarm clock goes off? Based on statistics, such as 13 percent of pill failure is because of girls missing a pill because they’re not home when it is time to carry it, Bedsider came up with this beneficial feature. If you are unable to take your pill (or replace your patch or NuvaRing) when your birth control reminder comes, the snooze option will ship it again in one hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes (you set the snooze time). You can snooze your reminder for up to 6 hours. This way, you can get reminded again as soon as you get home. And, just in case you exceed Bedsider’s”6-hour safe reminder window, then” you will receive a message inviting you to use a backup birth control method since your contraception’s potency may have been compromised.

Sounds pretty cool — huh?  If you go into Bedsider’s website, it will show you the way you’re able to download their own FREE reminder app.

And, don’t worry — if you find these bright reminders to be awkward, the app also has the choice for one to forego the racier, sexy contraception reminders and get customized messages or even more discreet ones which do not mention your contraceptive system or even use the phrase birth control. No more excuses,y’all!