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Bleeding After a Hysterectomy

June 11, 2018

Some bleeding after a hysterectomy is normal. In the 6 to 8 weeks following the process, some bleeding or spotting is to be expected, and is considered a normal recovery from operation. A hysterectomy is a major surgery and tissues may have been removed from many unique places, providing many opportunities for smaller amounts of bleeding.

The key with normal bleeding is that it should decrease as you heal.

For example, if you were bleeding less each day during your first week of recovery, then the next day you had a significant increase in bleeding, then which is abnormal bleeding and should be reported to your physician.  Bleeding should gradually decrease from the days and weeks following surgery, and should not be alarming in volume at any point in the restoration.

Heavy bleeding at the restoration period is not considered normal and needs to be reported to the surgeon promptly. Bright red blood, which is”fresh” blood, indicates a present source of bleeding. Passing massive clots can also be abnormal and suggests a large amount of blood which takes time to clot prior to departing the body, like bleeding during sleep.

If you do experience spotting or bleeding during your recovery, make sure you mention it to your own surgeon during your follow up visit. If your bleeding raises during your recovery, a call to your own surgeon is warranted.

Anemia After operation

Bleeding after surgery can lead to anemia, a condition in which a decrease in red blood cells can cause fatigue, easy bruising, nausea, and headaches.   It is important to focus on blood loss after surgery, as it can increase the weakness and feelings of fatigue that are so prevalent during many recoveries.

Bleeding, Sex, and Hysterectomy

You should be able to go back to having sex 6 to 8 weeks after your surgery. Having sex too soon after surgery May Lead to pain and even bleeding.   If you note any bleeding following sex, and you’ve waited an appropriate period of time, make sure to mention it to your ob-gyn.

When it is Safe to Have Sex After Surgery

Bleeding After Recovery By Hysterectomy Surgery

Bleeding once you have completed recovering from hysterectomy operation isn’t normal, and should be reported to your physician. This bleeding should not be ignored because it may be a indication of more serious health conditions. Regardless of whether the bleeding is fresh blood (bright red) or elderly blood (darker red), no amount of bleeding after fully recovering from a hysterectomy is deemed normal. If you are experiencing this kind of bleeding, call your doctor and schedule an appointment immediately.

The one exception to this is that the normal interval experienced by some women who have had a subtotal hysterectomy. Women who have this type of hysterectomy may experience periods, although this kind of bleeding is considered a less than undesirable result. The vast majority of girls that have a subtotal hysterectomy do not experience regular period-type bleeding.

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