Using the Pill

How to Skip Your Stage Utilizing the Pill

March 5, 2018

A monthly period is just a minor inconvenience for some girls, but for others, it can be a significant health concern. Using birth control pills gives you the choice to choose when and if you’d like to be pregnant, while also letting you control and if you have a period.

Girls Prefer Extended Menstrual Cycles

Research shows that if given the choice, most women would prefer prolonged menstrual cycles.

Many girls might have medical reasons for wanting to skip a time including nausea, cramping, painful periods, heavy bleeding, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Other girls simply don’t need the hassle of having a time –they have a holiday coming up, a honeymoon, a sporting event, or a big project at work. Possessing the capacity to bypass a time may give you a great deal of relief, both emotionally and physically.

Skipping Your Period Is Safe

The fantastic thing is that bypassing your time using the pill is simple, safe, and reliable. Most doctors agree that there is no medical need to have a period when you are on the pill. The reality is, you don’t have a true period when you’re taking the birth control pill anyway. It is actually known as a withdrawal bleed and since you’re not building your uterine lining when you are on hormonal birth control, it’s unnecessary.

Skipping Your Period Utilizing the Pill

Here is the Way to skip your period using your prescribed birth control pills:

  1. Determine the month that you wish to skip your period.
  2. Proceed to take all the pills on your pill pack during the month before needing to skip your period.
  3. After completing the pack’s active tablets, do not start the placebo (or inactive) pills. Instead, begin day 1 of your next package on the day that you would have obtained your first placebo pill.
  1. Continue using of the pills in your new pill package.
  2. When you get to the placebo pills on your new pill pack, your monthly withdrawal bleed (interval ) should return.
  3. Keep in mind that some girls might have spotting or breakthrough bleeding in the time when they would have had their period.

Tips for Skipping Your Period

Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when you’re planning to skip your time:

  • Make sure you have sufficient pill packs (in case you only want to skip one period, then you’ll want two packs of tablets –one for the current month and one for the upcoming month).
  • Keep track of where you’re in your pill pack since you must begin the next pack during your fourth (placebo) week of your prior package.
  • If you only want to skip 1 period, the moment you start your next pack, keep as you usually would. However, if you want to skip another month’s period as well, just repeat steps 2 to 5 above.
  • Some women are concerned about the protection of skipping periods. Research has consistently proven that this is common and totally safe to perform. Also, keep in mind that skipping your period doesn’t compromise the effectiveness of your birth control tablets.
  • Some insurance providers will not let you pick up a prescription early. Be certain you find this out beforehand if you’re planning to skip your period and need to buy that next pack of pills before the end of the month.
  • Request your doctor about prescribing you more pills so you can skip your period when you want or inquire about obtaining a prescription for a quarterly pill like Seasonique.

If You Are Not Taking the Pill Yet

If you Understand ahead of time You Will want to use the pill to skip your period AND you’re not yet taking the pill, give yourself sufficient time to perform the following:

  1. Get into visit a doctor to get a prescription.
  2. Be certain you have at least 3 weeks to take all of your active pills until you want to skip your period.
  3. Remember that you typically need to wait for your next time to begin to start using birth control pills.