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HPV causes penile cancer?

February 22, 2018

Query: Is penile cancer caused by HPV?

Answer: Sometimes.

Not all penile cancers are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). However, research suggests that many manhood cancers likely are. Several studies have found that more than half of penile cancers test positive for high risk HPV DNA. This really isn’t the same as stating that HPV has generated any cancer where it’s found,.

Still, it’s very likely to be a contributing factor in many or most of such cancers.

There’s other evidence that HPV plays a substantial part in the maturation of manhood cancers. Scientists have also demonstrated that there is a  behavioral component to penile cancer threat. At least one study has also found an association between prostate cancer and heterosexual oral sex. Remember, oral sex can also be associated with HPV disease, and oral cancer caused by HPV. That is another reason to suspect that HPV plays a significant role in penile cancer risk. It may not be a enormous risk, entire. Nonetheless, it must give people extra motivation to use condoms for blow jobs… particularly when they can be so much fun to wear.

Unfortunately, unlike at other sites, it is uncertain whether HPV related organ cancers are more invasive than non viral cancers. Some studies have revealed that these cancers may be more likely to spread into lymph nodes.

This sort of invasive cancer is usually associated with worse outcomes. Other studies, however, have found exactly the opposite outcome. Namely, they’ve found that HPV-related tumors are less aggressive.

Reducing Your Risk for HPV Related Penile Cancer

There are two basic ways to reduce your risk for HPV-related manhood cancers.

Step one is to consistently practice protected sex. Using condoms for vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex will lessen the probability of you being exposed to penile HPV. The next thing you can do is contemplate getting an HPV vaccine. Admittedly, this is very likely to be more useful for men who have not become sexually active. However, men who’ve had relatively few sexual partners might also gain from HPV vaccination. (Men who have had many partners have likely been exposed already. HPV is an extremely common STD.) 

Other Risk Factors for Penile Cancer

Penis cancer is also associated with other sexual risk variables in addition to men’s health conditions, such as phimosis and balanitis. Smoking and HIV are additional risk factors. Penile cancer is rare in industrialized countries but is a lot more prevalent in Africa, South America, and Asia.