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The Continuous Birth Control Pill Amethyst Works

April 20, 2018

Amethyst is a combination birth control pill. It is the generic version of Lybrel — Lybrel was the very first extended-cycle oral contraceptive designed to supply you with an active dose of hormones every day. You chose pills for 365 days and had no more periods. Lybrel is no longer offered. Amethyst is manufactured by Watson Laboratories. This birth control pill will even completely stop your period for an whole calendar year.

Each pack of Amethyst contains 28 tablets (90 microgram levonorgestrel/20 microgram ethinyl estradiol).  Amethyst is categorized as a low dose, constant, non-cyclic combination oral contraceptive. 

The Way It Works

Amethyst works just like other combination birth control pills. The most important distinction is that Amethyst provides a steady, very low dose of ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel to be taken each day of the year. Unlike most other birth control pills, Amethyst does not contain any inactive tablets — so there is absolutely no placebo period. By taking this pill daily (as constant birth control), you will no longer have your regular monthly period. 

Surrounding Debate

The notion of not getting your period sounds fairly amazing. The”opponents” claim that it is unnatural or harmful to control a female’s menstrual cycle by completely stopping her span. My friends, these”opponents” require a fast reality check.

You see, any girl who uses birth control pills (no matter what type ) is already manipulating her menstrual cycles. So few women obviously have a regular 28-day menstrual cycle — so tablet usage automatically manipulates a woman’s cycle by causing it to be a perfect 28-day cycle.

Women using birth control pills do not even have a”real” interval What they actually experience every month is called withdrawal bleeding — that is what happens throughout the seven days they are employing the placebo pills.

The bleeding tends to be shorter and lighter than a regular period because the uterine lining doesn’t build up in women using the pill so there’s less that has to be shed. Basically, once the hormones are not accepted (which is what happens through the fourth week of a common pill cycle), the little buildup of the lining of the uterus is discarded. When you utilize Amethyst, you get constant hormones (because there’s a placebo interval — there are 28 days of active pills), which means you ought to have little or no uterine bleeding.

And now, get ready for this piece of information: the so-called period that occurs during routine 21- or 28-day mix birth control pill packs actually has no clinical purpose other than reassuring you that you are not pregnant. The researchers who invented birth control pills back in the 1960s thought that women are more inclined to take them and the church would be more accepting of these if they”built” a span week (to more naturally mimic a woman’s cycle).

Crisis … Averted!

We know that girls, everywhere, have been opting to bypass their phases by manipulating their birth control for many different reason… possibly due to physically demanding jobs, upcoming honeymoons, or vacations, and/or severe period-related symptoms.

For decades, physicians have been showing women how to do so properly. Up until today, many tablet users choose to avoid using a period by beginning a new pill pack during the fourth week (when one’s period generally occurs).

Advantages and Benefits

  • Amethyst is reflective of the wishes of the American people. A nationwide poll found that 60% of women would love not having a period every month, and one third would choose never to have one.
  • Medical authorities say that there are no health risks or medical reasons women need to have a monthly period.
  • Eliminating the menstrual period of a woman’s cycle (since Amethyst does), can cause hormonal levels to stabilize — that can lead to a decrease or total elimination of these symptoms associated with your period week for example: bloating, cramping, irritability, and headaches, tender breasts, and other various aches and pains.
  • Removing periods through the use of continuous oral contraceptives has been shown to be an effective remedy for several health troubles, such as endometriosis, anemia/menorrhagia, and epilepsy.
  • The usage of Amethyst will save girls cash. This is because you would no more have to buy feminine hygiene products and/or period-related drugs to treat headaches and other PMS symptoms. This makes Amethyst more eco-friendly (for many of you wanting to lead a”greener lifestyle, you understand, reduce your carbon footprint).
  • Since Amethyst includes a lower daily dose of hormones compared to traditional blend pills, the total monthly dose may actually be equivalent to or lower than a number of the additional pill brands girls

Possible Risks

  • Many women welcome their monthly interval — it provides reassurance in their continuing fertility and femininity and allows them know they’re not pregnant.
  • The constant exposure to hormones associated with Amethyst is a source of concern for a number of people. But, many physicians point out that seven extra times of low-dose hormone exposure per month is not likely to dramatically increase any risks beyond those already faced by girls taking other types of combination birth control pills.
  • Since roughly 1% to 8% of oral contraceptive users become pregnant each year, young women who have not been pregnant and are taking Amethyst may not recognize pregnancy-related symptoms — should they become pregnant, because they can’t rely on a lost interval to alert them with a pregnancy.
  • The low levels of hormones used in Amethyst may cause breakthrough bleeding (unexpected spotting). Research shows that approximately 5 out of 10 women had 7 or more times of bleeding/spotting up through their third 28-day Amethyst pill pack. This bleeding lowered to 3 out of 10 girls reporting 7 or more days of visiting with their seventh tablet pack. Among women who continued to use Amethyst for one year, about 6 out of 10 girls had no bleeding/spotting by their last month of usage. (You see, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!)

Negative Effects

Amethyst has the same side effects as other combination hormonal procedures. Significant complications aren’t common with oral contraceptive usage.

When using Amethyst, medical risks when using Amethyst can increase:

  • In women who smoke.
  • In women age 35 and older (should be monitored while shooting Amethyst).
  • In women who are 35 or older and smoke.
  • In girls who have conditions associated with a heart attack (such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and illnesses that increase the chance of blood clotting).


Amethyst (just like other combination birth control pills) is 91% to 99.7% effective. This means that with typical usage, only 9 out of each 100 women will get pregnant during the first year of Amethyst use. With perfect use, less than 1 will become pregnant through the first year of utilizing Amethyst.

How to Get It

In order to get a prescription for your Amethyst, you’ll most likely require a medical test, blood pressure test, and a rectal examination by a physician. Girls can then have the prescription filled at a local pharmacy.


Amethyst may be purchased at a pharmacy or practice with a legal prescription. You should check with your medical insurance policy as Amethyst should be insured with no out-of-pocket costs for many non-grandfathered insurance programs.

STD Protection

Amethyst will not offer you any protection against sexually transmitted infections.