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The Way to Use the NuvaRing

March 15, 2018

Have you got menstrual-related symptoms like painful cramps or heavy bleeding which you wish you could prevent every month? If that is the case, it may be reasonable to talk with your doctor about potentially skipping your time.

To be able to suppress menstruation, girls may use an extended or continuous use of combined oral contraceptive pills or other combined (estrogen and progestin) hormonal delivery vehicles, like the birth control patch (Ortho Evra) or ring (NuvaRing).

Together with the NuvaRing, there are four easy actions to skipping your period. Again, it’s crucial that you speak to your doctor before trying this. If you choose to proceed with it then discussion, bear in mind that some women do experience breakthrough bleeding. Unpredictable bleeding and spotting normally get better within one to three months, but may take as much as a year or maybe more for certain girls. 

How to Use the NuvaRing to Skip Your Period

First, you will need at least 2 months of NuvaRing, or six rings in total. It’s also important to gain access to your calendar or a menstrual-tracking program on your phone to record any rust.

Here are the four steps you can use to properly skip your time using NuvaRing:

  1. Determine the month which you need to use NuvaRing to skip your period.
  2. Make sure you are using your NuvaRing monthly prior to the month which you want to skip your time.
  1. Once you’ve inserted your NuvaRing and abandon it in place for 3 weeks, then take it outside on day 1 of week .
  2. Rather than leaving your NuvaRing out through week 4, insert a new NuvaRing instantly once you’ve chosen your old one out. This will keep the hormone levels steady; by keeping your hormone supply steady, you shouldn’t have your withdrawal bleed (keep in mind that you may still have some spotting).

    So long as you continuously replace your NuvaRing (by inserting a new ring rather than leaving it out during week 4), you ought not have a period.

    Finally, if you want to have your time, just take your NuvaRing at the end of week and do not insert a new NuvaRing through week . Your monthly withdrawal bleed ought to return.

    Tips for Using the NuvaRing to Jump Your Stage

    Here are some extra things to consider If You’re planning on skipping your time with the NuvaRing:

    • To be able jump your time using the NuvaRing, you will have to pick up your NuvaRing prescription no less than a week early from the pharmacy (because you need to insert a new NuvaRing during week , a week earlier than normal). Some insurance companies or pharmacies may not allow you to do this. Check with your insurance carrier and neighborhood pharmacy ahead of time.
    • Remember to keep tabs on where you are in your cycle in your calendar since you have to fit your new NuvaRing right after you take your old NuvaRing outside (after week 3). 

    Is There a Problem With Not Getting My Period?

    You may wonder if bypassing your period is really safe. Rest assured that numerous studies have supported the benefit and safety of prolonged or continuous use of oral contraceptives, as compared to conventional (28-day) contraceptives.

    In addition, according to a Cochrane Database Systematic Review analysis, girls taking extended combined oral contraceptives did better in terms of headaches, genital irritation, fatigue, bloating, and menstrual pain. This makes sense too, as you are not receiving the hormone fluctuations you would using a traditional 21 days of active pills followed by seven days of inactive pills (if you get your period).

    Another concern with not having a monthly period is the fact that it might lead to overgrowth of the uterine lining, which could then lead to esophageal cancer. The fantastic news is that extended-cycle oral contraceptives have never been found to contribute to varicose veins thickening.

    On the flip side, some experts still wonder whether manipulating your period is really a sensible thought. For example, the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research believes that cycle-stopping contraceptives”medicalize menstruation,” and”normalize replacing a biological role with a pharmaceutical product to satisfy social expectations of menstrual concealment.” The Society also indicates that long-term security data on discontinuing menstrual cycles has to be performed, especially in teenagers and how it impacts the breast. 

    In the long run, you have to decide what’s ideal for you, and it’s wise to discuss with your physician how to best approach your menstrual cycle based on your specific symptoms and expectations. 

    A Word From Verywell

    You could also find it reassuring to know that using the NuvaRing to skip your period does not mean it is any less powerful. But remember, the NuvaRing doesn’t provide you some protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes the breakthrough bleeding you encounter when skipping your period is not from hormones but from something else, such as a sexually transmitted disease. Be sure to get tested if you have risk factors.