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Things to Do If You Forget to Take Out Your NuvaRing

September 17, 2018

The NuvaRing is a clear, bendable prescription contraceptive ring placed in the vagina for three weeks every month. This hormonal birth control system slowly releases a low dose of estrogen and etonogestrel (a progestin) to protect you against pregnancy for the month.

However, if you are going to use NuvaRing, then you need to remember when it is time to carry it out also listen to whether or not it could have accidentally fallen out.

When Do You Want to Take Out Your NuvaRing?

Each ring is part of a 28-day cycle:

  • You insert the NuvaRing on day 1 of week 1.
  • You leave it in position for week two and week 3.
  • On day 1 week , you take out your NuvaRing. Here is the week that you’ll probably have your withdrawal period.
  • When week 4 is finished, you add a new NuvaRing, and this begins the beginning of your next 28-day cycle.

Steps to Take If You Forgot to Take Your NuvaRing

When it’s day 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6) of week 4, and you also just realized you forgot to take your NuvaRing at the start of the week, you will still have maternity protection for this entire week. 

If you forgot to take out your NuvaRing through week 4:

  1. Keep your NuvaRing in place for the whole week 4 (completing the 28 days of this cycle).
  2. Have the NuvaRing out on day 1 of the following 28-day cycle.
  3. Wait 1 week (seven days) and insert a new NuvaRing. You may consider this the start of your next 28-day cycle. The day which you simply insert the NuvaRing will now be day 1 of week 1.
  1. You will need to use a backup birth control method (such as spermicide or condoms) for the first seven days after you add the NuvaRing.

In the Event That You forgot to extract your NuvaRing and it’s been more than four weeks (28 days):

  1. Eliminate your NuvaRing immediately.
  2. You need to make sure that you are not pregnant. You can take a home pregnancy test or schedule a pregnancy test at your doctor’s office.
  1. If you are not pregnant, then you can quickly insert a new NuvaRing and take action to be Day 1 of Week 1 (the start of your next 28-day cycle).
  2. You should use a backup birth control method for the next seven days in a row.

Does Forgetting to Take Out NuvaRing Make It Effective?

Broadly , the NuvaRing is 91 percent to 99.7% effective. Your NuvaRing is still powerful if you forgot to take it out through week . Should you leave it in for over 28 days (and do nothing), then the NuvaRing might no longer succeed. The NuvaRing won’t dissolve, so you need to take it from your vagina.

So as to be most effective:

  • Keep your NuvaRing saved at room temperature (preventing direct sunlight).
  • Only store your NuvaRing for as many as four months after you receive it.
  • Always check the label for your expiration date.
  • Don’t insert your NuvaRing when the expiry date has passed–just throw it off.

The Way to Correctly Take Out Nuvaring

The instructions for eliminating Nuvaring are very straightforward:

  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Choose a comfortable place. Either lie down, stand or squat with one leg up onto a stool or seat. 
  3. Set your index finger in your vagina and hook it through the NuvaRing. Gently pull downward and forward to remove the NuvaRing and then just pull it all the way out.
  1. You can put the NuvaRing in the re-sealable pouch it came in, and get rid of it in a garbage can.  Do not squander your NuvaRing down the toilet.
  2. Seven days when you have taken out your older NuvaRing, it’s time to insert a new NuvaRing. You can still do so even if your period has not yet stopped. 

How to Correctly Insert NuvaRing

These are the steps for placing in NuvaRing:

  1. Choose a place which makes you feel comfy.
  2. Wash and dry your hands before taking out the NuvaRing from its pouch.
  3. Open the re-sealable foil pouch using the top on either side near the surface of the package.
  4. Take your NuvaRing.
  1. Keep the foil pouch. You can put your used NuvaRing to it before you throw it away in the garbage.
  2. Hold your NuvaRing between your thumb and index finger. Then press the faces of the ring together (so it is compressed into a long, oval shape).
  3. Add the folded NuvaRing into your vagina.
  4. Using your index finger, gradually and gently push up it into your vagina.

When you utilize Nuvaring, it may end up in different positions inside your vagina. It doesn’t need to be in an specific place to work. Your NuvaRing can also slightly move around in your anus. This is normal also.

In case your NuvaRing is feeling uneasy or it’s hurting you, there is a chance you may not have inserted it far enough. Use your finger to carefully push your Nuvaring as far as you can up into your vagina. Don’t worry that you pushed it too far up or it will end up getting lost.

But if you are experiencing any type of pain during or after inserting your Nuvaring, or if you can not seem to find it, call your physician right away.