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What is Continuous Birth Control?

November 27, 2018

There are so many types of birth control pills available. Constant birth control pills (also called extended cycle pills or continuous cycle pills) will be the most recent development of this birth control pill. Want to find out more?


Continuous birth control pills are a sort of mixture pill. It follows that they contain both estrogen and progestin.

Continuous cycle pills include more pills per pack. This means that they can:

  • Shorten your monthly intervals.
  • Lower the frequency of your period.
  • Completely remove periods.


There are 3 types of extended cycle pills:

  • 91 Day: These constant birth control pills incorporate the pill brands: Seasonale, Quasense, Seasonique, and LoSeasonique.  Each pack comprises 84 active/hormone tablets — that equals 12 weeks of constant birth control. The pack also contains seven inactive pills (in Seasonale and Quasense, these really are placebo pills. In Seasonique and LoSeasonique, these really are low-dose estrogen pills). When you use a 91-day constant cycle pill package, your period (or withdrawal bleed) generally occurs during Week 13. This means that you only have a period every three months (that is only four periods a year!!) . Plus, the low-dose of estrogen in the past week of the pills help to make your period shorter and lighter — many women say that their period only lasts about 3 days.
  • 365 Day: The sole continuous birth control pill FDA-approved for 365 days of usage is Amethyst (this is the generic variations of Lybrel — which is no more being produced ). These continuous pill packs comes with 28 active/hormone tablets… over 12 weeks, this equals a pill for every day of the year. There are no placebo pills. While using this elongated cycle pill, you should not have any periods for the entire calendar year.
  • Mini Continuous Cycle Pills: Because these elongated cycle pill packs have more hormone tablets than the normal 28 day pill packs, and they’re also regarded as continuous birth control. You might also have fewer hormone alterations on these pills since they contain more hormone pills. These miniature extended cycle pills include:
    1. 24 Day: All these are the pill brands Yaz, Beyaz, and Safyral. Each package has 24 days of active pills and only four placebo pills.
    2. 26 Day: This includes the pill manufacturer Lo Loestrin Fe. This pill brand pack includes 26 times of estrogen/progestin pills, two times of estrogen-only pills, and two days of placebo pills. Studies indicate that these additional two weeks of estrogen may result in lighter and shorter intervals.

How It Works

Continuous cycle birth control functions the same way as other hormonal contraception that include estrogen and progestin (such as combination oral contraceptives, NuvaRing and the Patch). If you do not have a prescription for one of the Elongated cycle pill kinds listed above, You May Also use your regular 28-day combination pills or combination hormonal contraception as continuous birth control:

  • How to Skip Periods about the Pill
  • Using NuvaRing to Skip Your Period
  • Skipping Periods with the Patch


    Research shows that continuous cycle pills are all safe to use. Were you aware that there is no need to have a monthly interval if you are using hormonal contraception? That is because if you use hormone birth control, you don’t have a”true” interval anyway.

    Constant birth control pills have the same side effects and risks as your routine 28-day birth control pill packs — this is because they contain the same types of hormones. Continuous pills also offer the identical high effectiveness.


    Extended cycle pills offer you the same non-contraceptive advantages that hormonal contraception does. But, continuous birth control pills may be able to perform even more!

    If you have period-related problems, continuous cycle pills may really enhance your quality of life. They provide you the control to lower the amount of periods that you have as well as how long your periods last. This could provide a lot of relief in case you suffer from:

    • Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding).
    • Long and/or frequent periods.
    • Dysmenorrhea (painful periods).
    • Uncomfortable menstrual-related bloating, breast tenderness or mood swings.
    • PMS or PMDD.
    • A handicap which makes it hard to use pads or tampons.
    • A health condition that becomes worse during your period (like endometriosis, nausea, and migraines)

    Even Should You not have problems during your period, you may still want to choose to use constant birth control:

    • Because getting shorter, less or no spans is far more suitable!
    • To avoid the chance of having your time during particular events, sport contests and/or holidays (I mean, who would like to be on their period during their honeymoon) .
    • To save money on the cost of pain relievers, pads, liners and/or tampons (hey, every dollar counts — correct?) .
    • As part of a”greener,” more environmentally-conscious lifestyle (you’ll have less waste because you won’t be utilizing period-related products every month).

    A Word From Verywell

    As with other hormonal contraceptives, you’ll require a doctor’s prescription to get continuous birth control pills. In case you have certain health conditions, extended cycle pills may not be the safest contraceptive method that you utilize. And, even though these pills are effective at preventing pregnancy, constant birth control pills do not give you any protection against sexually transmitted infections.