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What to Do If Your NuvaRing Falls Outside

November 1, 2018

Many women enjoy the convenience of using NuvaRing. This contraceptive is a super method of birth control that you only need to utilize once . Women love that once NuvaRing is inserted, it is possible to forget about your birth control for three entire weeks.

However, as with any birth control strategy, how well NuvaRing works at preventing pregnancy straight relies on you using it correctly.

Consequently, if you use NuvaRing (or intend to), it is important you understand how to use it properly and what to do just in case your NuvaRing dropped out (or you forgot to carry it out).

Why Can The NuvaRing Fall Out?

NuvaRing may slide out when:

  • You take out a tampon
  • If you breed while having a bowel motion
  • You’ve got sex

Thus, it’s important that you confirm after any of these events to ensure that your NuvaRing didn’t fall out. It may also be handy to know that in the event you’ve got a condition which affects the vagina, like a prolapsed (dropped) uterus, then it might be more probable your NuvaRing will drop out. If it seems like your NuvaRing falls out a good deal, you should talk to your physician to see if there may be a better contraceptive method for you.

What to Do

Thus, what happens if you suddenly discover your NuvaRing fell out? Well, first of all, do not panic! It’s time for some fast thinking and action.

If your NuvaRing fell out and it has been three hours

When it has been out less than three hours since your NuvaRing fell outside, you should nevertheless be protected against an accidental pregnancy.

  1. Simply take the Nuvaring that has fallen out and rinse it clean using cool-to-lukewarm water (not hot).
  2. Wash and dry your hands.
  3. Then, reinsert the same NuvaRing when possible. Now this is important: make sure that you reinsert your NuvaRing over three hours of this dropping out.
  1. If you have lost the NuvaRing, you are able to insert a fresh one — just make sure that you remain on precisely the same schedule that you would have followed if you’re still using the missing NuvaRing (so if you’re in Week two, nevertheless consider yourself to be in week 2). 

In case your NuvaRing dropped out more than three hours ago:

  • And This Occurs During Week 1 or Week 2:
    1. Your NuvaRing’s effectiveness could be jeopardized (meaning, maybe it does not work anymore).
    2. You still ought to reinsert the NuvaRing as soon as you remember.
    3. However, simply to be safe, make sure that you use a backup method of birth control (such as male condoms or spermicide) before the NuvaRing that you’ve just reinserted continues to be set up for seven days in a row.
    4. Ensure you read the insert that comes within your NuvaRing package for more detailed information about NuvaRing use, risks, and efficacy.
  • Or This Happens During Week 3: throw away the NuvaRing that dropped out and select one of the following two options:
  1. Add a new NuvaRing immediately. This will start your next three-week usage cycle (so once you insert the NuvaRing, think about it Day 1 week 1). If you choose this alternative, you might not have a period from your previous cycle, but spotting or breakthrough bleeding may occur.
  1. You can wait, but you will need to insert a new NuvaRing no later than seven days in the time that your old NuvaRing dropped out. You might have your time during this time period. You should also use a backup birth control method before the new ring has been used for seven days.

What If Your NuvaRing Breaks?

It’s also possible that your NuvaRing may break–therefore it’s going to no longer maintain a complete circle. From releasing its hormones, the NuvaRing doesn’t affect. As long as the NuvaRing remains on your vagina, it will still be capable of preventing pregnancy. However if your NuvaRing breaks and falls from your vagina, just throw it away.

Depending on how much time has gone by as it has fallen outside, follow the directions above.