Where Can I Get Tested for STDs?

March 8, 2018

Sometimes people know they ought to undergo an STD evaluation but have no idea how to get tested for STDs. Other times, someone will visit their doctor to ask a straightforward STD test, only to be told that the exam they need does not exist.

Organizing to get an STD test is not always simple. That’s why it is a fantastic idea to learn your STD testing options. If you would like to get screened for STDs, here are a couple of good ways to find the tests you need.

Go To Your Doctor And Ask To Be Screened For Stds

This is probably the easiest option. It’s also the STD testing option most likely to be covered by any health insurance you might have. But some companies won’t cover regular STD testing. Fortunately, those companies are becoming less common. 

Call Your Regional Health Department

Or visit their site, and request the location of their closest STD clinic. STD clinics are put up for STD testing. Better still, they frequently provide std testing either for free or at very low charge.

Make An Appointment At Planned Parenthood

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a woman. Planned Parenthood will be able to test you for STDs. In addition, their prices are set on a sliding scale based upon your earnings. To make up for the sliding scale you’ll need to get proof of income. Therefore, if you’re wanting to save a little money on testing, be sure to ask what information they want when you call to make the appointment.

See the CDC’s HIVTest.org Website

It is a simple approach to find a testing site anywhere in the United States. Don’t allow the name fool you.  Many of the websites listed also can do overall STD testing – not only test for HIV. However, you should definitely get tested for HIV while you’re there. 

Consider Calling Your Regional Gay and Lesbian Health Center

If you live near a town which has one, GLBT health facilities frequently offer streamlined STD testing times.

Those tests are generally accessible for people of all sexualities. You don’t need to be gay or lesbian to receive tested. You just have to be prepared to get services in a GLBT centre. 

Check Out One Of The Online Testing Companies

These companies permit you to cover analyzing online and then mail in samples. Others send one to a  local lab to have the STD tests done. All these sites aren’t universally trusted – as was revealed by a study study published online in the diary Sexually Transmitted Infections – however they may be a good solution for people who are unwilling or not able to get tested in any other manner.

With just a little legwork, it should be easy to determine where to get STD testing. The important thing is to make certain you go. That’s true whether you need testing because of a known vulnerability or simply because you are interested in being ready.