Talking About Birth Control

Why Folks Use Contraception

August 4, 2018

In order to answer the question why use contraception, we need to first understand the purpose of birth control. Although people may choose to use contraception for a variety of factors. The objective of birth control stays the same. Contraception permits you to prevent pregnancy. The use of contraception helps you to determine how many kids you might want to have as well as the timing of your own pregnancies.

Since most birth control procedures are created for girls (with the exclusion of condoms and also a vasectomy), it’s very common for women to use contraception according to where they’re within their lives.

In the United States, about 50% of all pregnancies are not planned. Of these unintended pregnancies, about 42% end in abortion. It’s projected that one third of American women will have had an abortion by the time they’re 45 years old.

Girls who don’t use any contraception and that are sexually active for one year have an 85% chance of getting pregnant during this year. Factors such as age and frequency of sex can affect this amount.

But we’re lucky to reside in a day and age where there are many birth control options available. These choices are typically grouped under these categories:

  • Natural Procedures of Contraception
  • Over-the-Counter Choices
  • Prescription Birth Control
  • Permanent Contraception Procedures

    So Why Use Contraception?

    The use of contraception can significantly lower your chances of becoming pregnant. Some kinds of birth control may even decrease your chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

    People today decide to use contraception for many reasons. Choosing the birth control method that is ideal for you is a personal decision and must be an informed one.

    This means that you should do your research and compare your birth control choices before you start to use contraception. When you choose a method which you comfortable with, you’ll be more likely to use it.

    Reasons People Give for Using Contraception:

    There is no”right” reason to use contraception. Though the purpose of birth control is to prevent pregnancy, many women decide to use contraception because of certain health advantages. By way of instance, some hormonal birth control methods may help regulate your period, decrease acne, or reduce endometriosis-related pain. That being said, other motives to use contraception include:

    • You might have determined that you don’t need children or would adore them. . .just not today.
    • You would like to have more control over your lifetime.
    • You may choose to use contraception to help space the time of their births of your children.
    • You may not have a secure partner to help in parenting a child.
    • You feel that, at this time in your life, you are not able to undertake the fiscal responsibilities of having a baby.
    • You may be feeling as if your family is complete, so you want to ensure you don’t become pregnant again.
    • You do not feel ready to be a parent or believe that you are just too young.
    • That you want to concentrate on caring for the kids you already have.
    • For medical reasons, it may not be safe for you to get a baby.

    More About the Goal of Birth Control and the Role It Plays in Your Life

    Think for a minute about your own life. If the purpose of birth control would be to keep you from becoming pregnant, then the use of contraception has far-reaching implications. In Reality, using contraception to prevent pregnancy can allow girls:

    • To have a profession either by being able to get a job or maintain you.
    • To better financially support themselves or their family.
    • To stay in school and/or complete their schooling.
    • To take better care of their family.
    • To have more stability and control over their own lives (simply waiting for the very best time to become pregnant).

    We’re all individuals, and we have our own unique needs. If you believe having a baby at the moment would get in the way of your goals or is something you are not ready for, then the usage of contraception may be extremely important to you. It’s quite common for girls to use contraception, so that they can put off having children until their lives are more secure, established, and financially-secure.

    The level of your relationship with your spouse (or not owning a trusted partner) may also affect your decision to use contraception. You may choose 1 birth control method over a different depending on which you are in your life. By way of instance, you may want a more effective strategy if you truly don’t need to get pregnant. People use contraception for their own, individual reasons–reasons that take into consideration the goal of birth control specifically in your lifetime as well as your sexual, moral/religious, reproductive, and financial needs.