Your Doctor vs. the STD Free Clinic

February 16, 2018

It may be frightening stressing that you might have a sexually transmitted disease. Just the thought of looking for STD testing and treatment can make some people wish to hide under the bed. But finding STD treatment should not be scary. Even in the event that you don’t feel comfortable talking about sex with your primary care physician, you can always visit an STD free clinic.

Sometimes, that may even help you avoid worried

Pros and Cons to Both Options for STD Testing and Treatment

Whether you choose to visit your doctor or a STD free practice may depend on a number of factors including:

  • When you have a regular physician
  • Whether your insurance insures STD testing
  • If you’re comfortable talking to your physician about sexual
  • If a doctor is familiar dealing with sexual issues in his or her clinical practice.
  • The laboratory options your physician has available for STD testing

Benefits to Moving to Your Normal Doctor for STD Testing and Treatment

  • Working with a physician Who’s familiar with you.
  • Easy access to your medical records. This makes it easier to incorporate STD testing and therapy with the remainder of your healthcare. By way of instance, your doctor is more likely to be aware of potential medication interactions or allergies.
  • Convenience.
  • Worries about being stigmatized by visiting a STD free clinic.

    On the other hand, with your physician, insurance is a large factor. Depending on how comprehensive your insurance policy isalso, visiting your physician for STD testing and treatment can be quite expensive. You might have a co-pay. You may also need to pay for preventative screening. Not all insurance companies will pay for this, if you do not have symptoms.

    Your doctor might also not have access to some of the more suitable urine tests for certain STDs, or else he might not realize they are readily available.

    Benefits to Visiting an STD Free Clinic for Testing and Therapy

    • Access to a wider range of STD testing options than are available in many private medical offices.
    • Affordability
    • Medical suppliers who specialize in STDs and are current on current STD treatment regimens.
    • A greater probability that some form of quick testing will be accessible. That permits you to be treated be treated with greater speed.
    • Physicians who are comfortable dealing with sexual issues, and that won’t allow an STD diagnosis influence your care.

    Although no physician should ever discriminate since you’ve got an STD, it does occasionally happen. Doctors may be just as ignorant concerning STDs as laypeople. They’ve been proven to make it very hard for individuals to receive appropriate treatment in their offices following a highly stigmatized diagnosis. It does not happen frequently, and it is typically illegal. That does not get the individual care. This sort of discrimination is not as likely to occur in an STD free clinic that specializes in sexual health care.

    The drawback of seeing with an STD practice is usually an inconvenience.

    STD free clinics do not always keep the most suitable hours. They might also have long waits. Before simply dropping in, you should always check with your local STD free clinic. That way, it is possible to see if it’s possible to generate an appointment. You can even check what, if any, information you need to bring along with you. Additionally, it is very important to look at their hours. STD free clinics frequently only see patients on a restricted program.

    Whether you’re searching for regular, preventative STD screening, or testing and therapy because you have symptoms, either your local STD free clinic and your regular doctor can be great choices.

    Which option is right for you will change based on the circumstance. The issue that is important is that you get good care.