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  • Is Vaginal Contraceptive Film Effective?

    Vaginal contraceptive film (VCF) is a hormone-free sheet of spermicidal movie, somewhat similar to wax paper. It is put into the vagina before intercourse to prevent pregnancy. The ultra-thin VCF sheet is transparent, water-soluble, also contains the spermicide nonoxynol-9, which kills sperm on contact. VCF Benefits VCF is a over-the-counter product that’s widely available at …

    September 4, 2018
  • What is Spermicide?

    Spermicide Defined: Spermicide is a OTC birth control method that immobilizes and prevents sperm. Spermicides are available in a number of forms, including spermicidal jelly/gel, lotion, foam, film, and suppositories. Spermicide can be used by itself. But, to be effective, you can combine it with other birth control procedures, like a condom or female condom. …

    March 21, 2018
  • Where Can I Buy Today Sponge?

    What’s the Sponge? The contraceptive sponge is a soft, spherical contraceptive device. It contains nonoxynol-9, which is a type of┬áspermicide. The sponge blocks sperm from entering your cervix. It is a reversible, over-the-counter barrier method of birth control. Can I Still Get the Sponge? You may be asking yourself in the event that you can …

    January 5, 2018